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Some concept phones that may become reality?

Here’s some amazing looking concept phones that have been developed for testing, what do you think? Would you buy any of them?

This iPhone watch has been circulating the web for a little while now, lots of tech commentators have mentioned that Apple are actively looking at this as the next big thing since the iphone.
I love the look of this next concept from Sony, but in reality who uses a keyboard that much on a phone? This is where this may drop dead and never reach production as there’s not really a real need for this product. Never the less this looks great!

Now compared to the Sony, this could be an addition to an existing phone and may well become reality. Of all the concepts we’ve looked at I think this is the best and the most functional and above all the most likely to be seen on our phones in the not so distant future!


The one thing that these and other devices is that battery life always suffers once we get gadgets that we use constantly. Here at PowerPackXL we know you guys rely on your phones, that’s where our product comes into its own! Charge any phone from the best looking device on the market – find out more at


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