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Nomofobia – The FEAR of being without your mobile!


Maybe it is wrong to call this a phobia, I don’t know?  A phobia is usually an ‘irrational fear’, and that overwhelming feeling of anxiety and nervousness when you are without your mobile.  In today’s world where we all lead such busy lives, perhaps an understandable feeling?  But either way, for 66 per cent of us, being with your phone at all times is an obsession that occupies every waking minute.

If you think you may suffer from nomophobia – or ‘no mobile phone phobia’ – then the warning signs are:

  1. An inability to ever turn your phone off
  2. Obsessively checking for missed calls, emails and texts
  3. Constantly topping up your battery life (you need a PowerPackXL!)
  4. Being unable to go to the bathroom without taking your phone in with you.

The number of people afflicted with nomophobia was revealed in various studies over the years and shows a rise from a similar study a few years ago, where over 50 per cent of people admitted the fear of losing their phone.  In the latest study, of the 1,000 people surveyed in the UK, 66 percent said they felt the fear.  Young adults – aged between 18 and 24 – tended to be the most addicted to their mobile phones, with 77 per cent unable to stay apart for more than a few minutes, and those aged 25 to 34 followed at 68 per cent.  That number is up from a similar study four years ago, where 53 percent of people admitted to the phobia.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think people think of these things just a bit too much!  At the end of the day – We all like our mobile’s, we use them for so many different things and for that reason we are bound to use them more.  What do you think?  Please leave your comments below and lets discuss.


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