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The top 10 must have apps for entrepreneurs

Here’s our guide to the top apps that are relevant to business and an executive’s must have’s…

1. Twitter.
Most entrepreneurs use twitter for both business and personal use. Twitter is a fabulous tool to meet new customers, communicate with existing ones and learn about the news within your industry. The official twitter app is free, easy to use, has multi profile caperbility and unlike some of the alternatives is advert free. Available on both iOS and android platforms.

2. LinkedIn.
As the Internet has become one of the most important developments ever for commerce, LinkedIn is a way that professionals can connect. A bit like the old fashioned way of swapping a business card, LinkedIn allows you to meet your piers, prospects and customers as well as post important updates about you and your business.

3. Sky News.
News is useful in business as current affairs can be conversation starters and in addition industry news is also vital. The Sky news app has several tabs for the popular like business news, tech news, politics and some lighter ones like entertainment and strange.

4. Meet Up.
This little app is a networkers dream. This app allows you to find meetings near your current location with many different hobbies and pastimes listed. Click on ‘business’ and see all the networking events and join the groups of interest. A very useful tool for those interested in business networking to build a business.

5. WordPress.
If your a keen blogger, this app is a must for not just blogging but also for stat monitoring, link building and also re posting. Can be used on multi blogs and easy to navigate.

6. DropBox.
If you travel and spend more time out of the office you can still access your bulky files on the move with this cool FREE app. Upload from your PC and as and when you need the, you can read or share your files, photos and data.

7. Pages manager for Facebook.
Changes are as a small business you have a company Facebook page. It’s important to keep sharing information with your fans (not what you had for lunch) and this little app is cool for efficiency. You can post in real time or schedule a post for the future.

8. Skype.
In business, communication is everything with your customers. The Skype app allows you to communicate on the move, simply, effectively and for free.

9. Keynote.
We’re all probably familiar with PowerPoint, well this is the apple modern day equivalent. Ok, so it’s £6.99 but the presentations you can produce are amazing. You can also save your work as a PDF so great for flyers and promos too.

10. Angry birds.
So as every top entrepreneur knows, all work and no play is bad for your health, so here’s a great little game for when you’re in need of some down time! Be warned – its highly addictive.

Well thats our top to tips, we hope you like them, we look forward to reading your comments. We’re PowerPackXL is the perfect device for a busy executive. It’s a device that fits neatly into your pocket and can spring into action when your mobile is getting a flat battery. It works with all brands of phone too! Find out more at www.powerpackxl.



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