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Constant contact is the name of the game in business today, and it can be one of the things that answers the question of “how smartphones boost your business.” Aside from the constant contact, smartphones also provide synchronization, integrated apps and mobility.

In order to survive in today’s economic atmosphere, businesses must field the ultimate capabilities in adaptation and flexibility. The smartphone can provide help in that area because it can keep everyone one in an organisation up to date and on the same page. Technicians in their vehicles can be sent from one job to another with very little effort and on the spur of the moment. Production can be ramped up or shut down almost as soon as the decision is made to do so. As long as everyone involved is connected and has their smartphone on. This efficiency has never been matched in industrial history.

Integrated apps can help people work even when the computers are off. By synchronizing the smartphone with the computer, anything that the person may have been working on can be easily retrieved via the smartphone. That means no waiting for anything to warm up and start. No waiting for the right computer screen to be available. It is there at the flip of a fingertip.

Calendars can also be synchronized across computers and smartphones. That way if the biggest client in the business’ biggest client needs a meeting now, the people that the business needs to meet with can be informed all at once no matter where they are. This eliminates the excuse that the person wasn’t able to check email, and it eliminates having to call everyone involved to make sure that they will be there. A simple calendar icon pops up on the smartphone telling them about the meeting and the importance of it.

Shared business apps can keep a business in touch with its best suppliers and customers. This can make it easier for the business to anticipate what its customers will need, and what they should do with their inventory. The apps may also be designed to make ordering parts for the business easy. Then the suppliers can be informed to deliver items almost before the business knows what it needs.

Smartphones do not only benefit the efficiency and availability of communication, it can also become a tool to boost business in terms of exposure and advertising. Apps are hot. Any company that wants to make a splash in the apps market needs to develop an app that will take the world by storm. The app should be related to what the company does and can be something as simple as a purchasing app that allows customers to purchase items directly on their smartphone. It may also be as complicated as a high concept game that people can use during their free time.

Business efficiency is the key to business survival in this dog eat dog world of capitalism. The more efficient a business becomes, the more likely it is to thrive and bring in higher profits than its investors ever thought possible. It is these kinds of earnings that inspire people to become entrepreneurs, and it is these kinds of earnings that bring glory to a company until the profits meet a critical mass that can then be systematically maintained.
Smartphones offer mobility, practicality and communications beyond the speed of sound. It is through these types of efficiencies that smartphones can help a business succeed in what it does best. A company may be able to thrive without smartphones, but with them, it could become a juggernaut.

As we are all aware, reliance on our mobile devices has a detremental effect on battery life and a flat battery can hinder deals and affect the efficiency of your business. This is where PowerPackXL comes in to play. Easily fitting in a pocket, bag or briefcase, PowerPackXL carries a huge 4,000mAH capacity which means you can charge the average smartphone 2-4 times from flat while on the go. For more information visit our website





  1. hostedphonesystems
    April 22, 2013

    there are a lot of smartphone applications that are proven to be useful with business functions specially with communicating with the customers

  2. Andy Harris
    May 4, 2013

    The end bit (about PowerPack) would have been strengthened by adding in this bit, which is within the actual website – The PowerPack will last weeks between charge. That’s probably what a lot of people wonder about (i.e. don’t want to keep charging it up just before going out somewhere).

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