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Smartphone Photo Tips


When taking photo’s, try and make sure you’ve plenty of light. When shooting in a low-light environment, your smartphone knows. Your phone adjusts the exposure to let in as much light as possible.  We recommend the following three tips to illuminate your product from every angle. You’ll achieve the best results with all three, but if anything, choose one of the first two:

  • Use an external source of light ( flash or lamp)
  • Shoot near a window.
  • Use a bounce card, which is a white mat board or foam.

 Use a tripod

Camera shake comes from touching your camera to set off the shutter. Though you might think your phone should be able to remain still while you tap the shutter but the truth is it’s so lightweight and small that it shakes ever so slightly.

 Avoid zooming

Using your phone’s zoom feature delivers similar results as cropping your photo to provide a closer view. The process actually decreases the quality of your photo because it enlarges your photo without changing the resolution. If your goal is to take quality item close-up shots, try phone lenses. Macro lenses provide an incredibly close-up view of your product, which is good for showing fine detail. You can also play around with fisheye, tele-photo, and wide-angle lenses which you can purchase that effectively clip onto your phone.

 Rotate and crop.

Do you have a perfect item photo that needs just a tweak of positioning or framing? There’s loads of app’s that can help, visit the app store and have a plahy around with a few.  Etsy app is a good one, it includes a cropping and rotation tool that’ll help you create just the right composition. Keep in mind, if you need to significantly crop the photo, you might be better off re-shooting.


 Of course, the big issue with using your camera / video or flash on your camera is the effect on battery life.  PowerPackXL is a perfect accessory for the budding photographers amounghst you, as when you’ve had a busy day snapping, just plug your PowerPackXL into your device and charge away!  PowerPackXL works with all major brands of phone and tablet and fits neatly into a jacket pocket or purse.  To find out more about PowerPackXL visit our website at



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