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iOS 7 – What’s new?

As usual when Apple announce a develop conference, rumours up a notch and the web, blogs and social media are full of predictions claims of ‘leaks’ and promises of what we will see.  The truth is, Apple (and it’s employees) are really good at saying absolutely NOTHING, so I think it’s pretty fair to say that WHATEVER you hear between now and the event, take it with a pinch of salt, as I can almost guarantee that even the most connected of tech journalists and blogger DON’T HAVE A CLUE!

Anyway, not wanting to not jump on the prediction band wagon, we have done some research and found the most popular and plausible features that we MAY see within iOS7, we have also asked some of our piers what they would like to see, lets see what they say….

1. Flat Colours

While only some of the app icons in iOS 7 will reportedly see complete overhauls, most of the icons and imagery in iOS 7 won’t be redesigned, just simplified. The current icons in iOS 6 essentially fake light cues to create artificial shine or shadow on the app icons. In iOS 7, expect Apple to remove gloss in favour of bolder and flat colours – interesting to see if we get a choice, or if they will force a change.  It would be nice to have an option to change or maybe change (thus highliting) some of our favourite apps?

2. Lock Screen and Home Screen Options

Many say the iOS lock screen badly needs a facelift. In the past, Apple’s rivals at Google and Microsoft have given users more ways to customize their home screens, letting them choose static photos or animated images. On the current iOS lock screen, users see a simple photo with the date, time and Slide to Unlock as per previous versions.

3. Even More App Interconnectivity

In iOS 5 and iOS 6, Apple gave users the chance to share their moments, photos and achievements with the world by immediately being able to tweet or post to Facebook from anywhere in iOS. But besides being able to share to Facebook, Twitter, Photo Stream and Mail, iOS leaves much to be desired in terms of sharing. In iOS 7, Apple is reportedly giving customers even more options to upload their new videos directly to YouTube and share files and folders to cloud-based apps like Dropbox.

4. Improvements to Siri

Even though it’s been less than two years since Siri launched as the virtual personal assistant Apple’s competitors (particularly Google) have bettered Siri in both speed and functionality. When Google added the voice function to its Search app in iOS last year, Google’s downloadable third-party app became effectively faster, smarter, more accurate and more helpful than Apple’s built in software.

5. Option to hide Apple apps

This will be a welcome feature for those of us who want to hide the rarely (if ever used) Compass, Stocks, Voice Memos, Passbook, and so on—have their fans; but is it too much to ask for a switch in Settings that will hide those we don’t use… Probably YES! haha

6. Better app management & Change app defaults

Change for change’s sake is rarely a good thing. Recognition is key to satisfying experiences with technology. We would like to see improvements to app management: more screens; by default saving app data on delete; and an alphabetical list of installed apps, perhaps accessible from Spotlight? Maybe the ability to use non-default apps for important things like mail and calendar,  Apple’s own apps could remain the default, but you could also be able to pick your own in Settings.


Finally, here’s our wish list that we compiled from our wants and from some of the guys we have spoken to:

  • Provide a guest account
  • Change Siri’s voice
  • Provide App Store demos
  • Power up ‘Do Not Disturb’
  • Make locking location-aware
  • Improve the lock screen
  • Cut all iTunes ties (ok, so we can dream!)
  • Make more icons dynamic
  • Enable cross-platform installs

ios7 graphic

Of course, we’ll have to wait until later tonight (10th June 2013) to hear any firm news, I’m sure we will all wait with bated breath!


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