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Apple’s budget iPhone named as ‘iPhone 5C’

For a while now, Apple has been expected to launch a new entry-level iPhone along side the flagship iPhone 5’S  and now the new handset may have finally been given a name.

After months of leaked photos, specs and other details, a photo said to show part of the packaging from the upcoming handset has been posted on a Chinese forum.  While it is unclear at this point if the boxes are authentic (and lets face it we are ALWAYS seeing these alleged ‘leaks’) they are marked with the name “iPhone 5C,” where the “C” might stand for “color” in the same way “S” stands for “speed” on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S.

The 'aledged iPhone 5'C box...or is it?

The ‘alleged iPhone 5’C box…or is it?


Apple’s low-end iPhone is expected to come in a variety of colors including blue, green and yellow, and it will reportedly launch alongside the iPhone 5S in late September or early October. As with all the other leaks, stories and gossip coming from China and California…we wont know until the official Apple developers meeting!  Until then I guess we will all continue to speculate!

One thing’s for sure, here at PowerPackXL we were the FIRST to offer the latest iPhone 5 pin on our emergency phone charging solution and as sure as eggs are eggs, the developers in our factory will launch what ever pin Apple or any other manufacturer comes up with.  So if you want the best portable charger on the market and are fed up with a low battery on your smartphone, visit to find out more!


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