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Could the next iPhone feature a slow-motion camera? Hidden code reveals secrets about what Apple may have in it’s new update

The iPhone 5’S’ could have a slow-motion camera, according to even more rumors about Apple’s upcoming handset.

Code hidden inside Apple’s iOS 7 software suggests that the next iPhone could offer video recording at a rate of 120 frames-per-second (FPS) rather than around 30 frames per second.  This is fast enough to allow iPhone users to create slow-motion films.

Code hidden inside Apple’s iOS 7 software suggests that the next generation iPhone could offer video recording at a rate of 120 frames-per-second, enabling users to capture slow-motion video.

According to testing undertaken by 9to5Mac the feature named ‘Mogul’ allows iPhone to capture video at an ‘exceptionally precise rate.’  The resolution at which the 120FPS video could be recorded at is currently unclear.

If the rumours are true, the addition could be a move by Apple to close the already narrowing gap between smartphones and cameras. Based on the code, 9to5Mac believes the feature would be an option – like Panorama, Square, Video, Standard, and Filters- in the iOS 7 software.

Recent speculation has also been mounting about a fingerprint sensor following a string of code discovered in the same beta release.

The code describes a user touching the Home button with their thumb.

The developer code suggests the fingerprint scanner could be built into the phone's Home button, pictured. 

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